Merry Christmas everyone!  It has been an exciting year for the Rogues.  We've had the opportunity to play in all sorts of venues with and for all sorts of people.  We've even played with the Loudon Symphonic Winds this year!

From Virginia to Florida and even points west (Galveston, Houston, Dallas) we've had the joy to perform for thousands of people with only one thought in mind, to entertain folks and get them to dance a little.

We premiered our "Squeezin' Cats and Bangin' Skins" t-shirts (Version 1) with tremendous response...we sold out.  So, starting New Years Eve, we will have Version 2 featuring amazing artwork from Mark's good friend Mike Abel.  Wait 'til you see these shirts!  You'll laugh until you stop!

Speaking of New Year's Eve, we will be rocking First Night Alexandria in beautiful downtown Alexandria Virginia with four shows...7pm, 8pm, 9pm, and 10pm.  Hope you all will be there!

We are moving forward on a new cd...Not sure when that will be completed, but it will be!  

And we are gearing up for a wonderful 2018.  

So from our Family...Randy, Jimmy, Mark, Kyle, Ewan, Bryan, Doug and Sean....Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  We'll see you on the road!!!!

The Rogues survived the Florida heat and humidity and made a big splash with our first appearance at the Boynton Beach Haunted Pirate Festival and Mermaid Splash on October 21-22.  Lots of music, dancing and a great cast and crew.  What a great bunch of people, and hey, it's Florida.  It was wonderful seeing our old friends from when we played the Florida Renaissance Festival and getting to work with some of those same acts again.  Bagpipes, sun and humidity don't mix very well, and we didn't have any shade on the stage all weekend, but pipes and pipers managed to pull off great shows despite the sun and heat, and we all came back with sunburns, but we all needed a little color so that's OK.  If you're anywhere near Boynton Beach and missed it this year, make sure to catch it next year.  We hope to be back, and best of all, it's a free show! 

Look for The Rogues next at Dickens on the Strand in Galveston, TX on December 2-3.  It's a great Victorian era-themed show with amazing costumes and lots of great entertainment.  The parades are exceptional too.  When we're not playing stage shows, you'll find us playing inside of Murphy's Pub on 22nd St. (of course) or on the street in front the pub.  This is one of our favorite shows of the year, and we've done it almost every year of the band's existence.  There are costume contests and discounts for admission if you wear a costume.  You can get the pertinent info on our calendar page.  Come down and have a pint with us and get the Christmas season started off right! 

Hey Everyone!

It's officially Fall and the weather is trying hard to turn cooler.  But like all the weird weather we've had this year, summer is holding on for dear life.

Not that the weather matters as we will be heading to Boynton Beach Florida in a couple of weeks to play at the Boynton Beach Haunted Pirate and Mermaid Festival.  Did you say Mermaids?  Randy is so excited to see Mermaids...

So if you live in Florida or anywhere on the east coast come see us!  It will be the aforementioned Randy Wothke, Mark Sullivan, Ewan Brown and the piper that is so good he needs three names, Sean Patrick Regan! All of our sets will be on the "Walker D Plank" stage with four sets on Saturday and three on Sunday.

The new t-shirts have been selling really well and we are already out of a size or two.  So make sure you get yours soon.  Today is preferable.

Finally on a serious note, The Rogues would like to extend our love and support to all the folks that have suffered through these horrible hurricanes.  Obviously we have dear friends in Texas and we have played and performed all over Florida for the past two decades so we have wonderful friends there as well.  Plus our love goes out to Puerto Rico too.  This has been a tough year everyone.  Keep them all in your thoughts!

Love you guys!  Talk to you soon....

The Rogues

Hello all!

We hope you've had a great summer!  The Rogues have been enjoying ours!  Plus we had a fun gig or two that really got us ready to go for the fall.

On Sunday, August 20th we descended on the Wolfswood Faire in Appomattox Virginia to spend the day regaling the monarchs and the peasants with Rogue music!  This cute little show is put on by Wolfsbane Productions and is nestled just inside of the tree line on their property.  They also produce live, outdoor theater in this space and so we performed on the stage that was set up for Rocky Horror!  It even had a cat-walk coming off of the stage and of course everyone had to use that during our sets.

We were well received and asked us back for next year.  So keep your eyes out for our appearance next year and please come to this cute little show.  It's in the heart of the Virginia countryside and is even near the Virginia Whisky Museum.  That was tough to pass by on the way down and back.

And the Rogues are getting ready for the huge Haunted Pirate and Mermaid Festival in Boyton Beach Florida in October.  If you are in the Florida area, come visit us!

Speaking of Florida, as this is being written, Hurricane Irma is bearing down on Florida.  So we want to let all of our friends in Florida know that you are on our minds and we hope you will be safe and dry.


Hello Roguesters!


We are heading into the hottest days of summer they say and it brings about the doldrums.  The Rogues are no exception....we have all slowed down and are working other jobs right now.  We may not have a lot of gigs right now, but we are working hard on it.

July we are playing a private event, August will see us in Appomattox Virginia where we will NOT be surrendering, and October we'll be in beautiful Boynton Beach Florida with Pirates and Mermaids..

We are hard at work on more gigs, but if you have leads, ideas, suggestions or requests pertaining to shows, let us know!  Let the Street Team commence!

Have a great summer everyone!


The Rogues



Wow, what a run at the Virginia Renaissance Faire!  This wonderful little faire continues to grow and it continues to embrace us.  We have so much fun playing at this show.  No matter how hot it gets, it's just a fun show.  I think its safe to say that this years faire set records with audience attendance.  

And right in the middle of the faire we had the opportunity to perform with the Loudon Symphonic Winds!  A great orchestra in Loudon County Virginia.  Our tunes put to arrangements for orchestra was truly a sonic joy.  It is one of the coolest things to hear a tune you are so familiar with enhanced with all of the other instruments.  A great time was had by all!  And the audience was so wonderful...The Rogues signed autographs and posed for pictures for at least 45 minutes after the show.  Very humbling and very appreciated.

So we hope to be back at the Faire next year!  Plus we are also hoping to have a new cd for you all too!  See you soon, Roguesters!

Hello Roguesters (or whatever you call yourselves...we call you AWESOME!)

Weekend three starts tomorrow at the lovely Virginia Renaissance Faire and we are ready to kick some WAHOO BUTT!  If you don't know what WAHOO's are (Randy I'm talking to you) then shame on ya!

Next weekend is the Loudon Symphonic Winds concert as well as weekend 4 at VARF.

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