Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Dickens on the Strand 2014

The Rogues will once again be performing at Dickens on the Strand in Galveston, TX on December 6 and 7. Come on out for a great weekend of music and shopping.

Here's our schedule of shows:


12:00 Westminster Abbey (23rd/Strand)
3:30    London Wharf  (Elissa)
6:00    Trafalgar  (Strand between 21st/22nd)


12:00  Crystal Palace (Mechanic between 21st/22nd )
2:30    Trafalgar (Strand between 21st/22nd)

A Great Time at The Rogues 20th Anniversary Show

On November 22nd The Rogues had the honor of performing our 20th Anniversary show in Houston at McGonigel's Mucky Duck.  What a night!  Lots of friends came out, some driving 4-5 hours to get there.  It was 20 years ago that the "Scottish Rogues" had our first performance at the Texas Renaissance Festival.  We had just finished our first cassette tape, self-titled, and had figured out that if we could sell one tape per show then we'd break even, or if we could sell two then we'd make a profit.  You can imagine our surprise at the end of the first day when we had sold 140!  It was amazing to see Virginia Lamp, our salesperson from that first show, at the Duck and looking like she hasn't changed a bit.  Thanks to all of our friends through the years that came out to see the show, and special thanks for everyone who traveled in from the DFW area.  Hopefully we'll be scheduling some shows in your neck of the woods soon.  The band set a new personal record for the most sets played in one show - 27!  It takes a lot of lung power to play that much music on a bagpipe.  Kudos to Jimmy MItchell and Doug Frobese.  Bryan Blaylock and Randy Wothke rounded out the drum section, and we were joined by Brian Thomas, 2nd Horn in the Houston Symphony for a redo of Bonny Portmore from the 5.0 and Made in Texas CDs.  Thanks to the Mucky Duck for providing a great venue for the show as always.  Look for us at Dickens on the Strand next weekend, December 6-7 in Galveston, TX.