Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Pacific Northwest Scottish Highland Games - July 26-27

The Rogues will be returning to Washington state for the first time since 2007 to perform at the 68th annual Pacific Northwest Scottish Highland Games and Clan Gathering on July 26-27.  We believe this is the longest-running continuous Scottish games in the country.  Joined for the first time officially by Kristen Jensen on fiddle they are looking forward to the opportunity to make new friends and fans.  That's right folks, a female Rogue... Kristen is multi-talented playing violin, piano, percussion, and is an expert hula-hooper and fire-hooper.  We hope to be able to work hooping into the show soon, so everyone ask her very politely. ;)  The band will have 3 shows on Saturday and Sunday on the South Stage alternating with the Wicked Tinkers, as well as a performance for the Evening Ceilidh starting at 6:30, also on the South Stage.  For more information about the games here's the link:  http://www.sshga.org/home.htm

If you can't attend the Scottish games then catch the band at the Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire the following three weekends, from August 2-17.  The Rogues performed at this show the first time in 2007 and have been trying to get back ever since.  We can attest that if you choose to make a road trip to Washington you won't regret it.  The scenery is absolutely incredible.  For more information on the renaissance festival go to:  http://www.washingtonfaire.com/  We hope to see you in Washington! We'll have our stages and show times for this festival posted shortly.

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  1. Finally found the name of that troupe I saw at the Pacific Northwest Games! I didn't know who they were until I heard one of your cuts on Pandora. Loved the performance and picked up a couple of your CDs that now reside in my car's CD player.With my last album, "American Highlander" it showed your website, saw that it was YOU guys I saw!. I loved your performance (especially the side trips to the beer garden) and am delighted to get you located. Hope to see you guys on your next pass through the Pacific Northwest. Great group!!