Monday, December 9, 2013

Hellbound Sleigh Now Shipping

If you pre-ordered Hellbound Sleigh your CD is in the mail and on its way to you! We packaged up 180 CDs today and off to the post office they went. Please let us know what you think once you've had a chance to listen to it!

If you are still thinking about picking up a copy please note that December 18th is the last day you can order and guarantee a before Christmas delivery. Click here to order.


  1. I just got my CD today and have been listening to it while doing some home improvements. I love you guys and find this CD is quite the addition to my holiday collection. I just have a question: The CD cover lists 13 tracks yet the player recognizes only 12 and seems to have combined tracks 7 and 8. Is this something that happened while in mass production or is it just my player? Other than that, awesome album :)

  2. Hey Sarah, it is, indeed, a problem with this run of the disc. Something that happened in the mastering process. It will be corrected in the next run of the album so consider yours a collectors item. There were only 2000 made in this run.