Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Dickens on the Strand Write-Up

The Rogues were again fortunate to play at this years Dickens on the Strand festival on December 7-8 in Galveston, TX.  This has been a standing gig for the band almost every year since we started.  The line-up consisted of Randy, Jimmy and Doug Frobese.  Bryan had to cancel at the last minute to take care of all the animals on the ranch due to the ice storm that hit northeast Texas that weekend.  It was definitely cold, so attendance was down, but we had a great weekend despite the weather.  The highlight that weekend was the release of the Hellbound Sleigh Christmas album.  Knowing the attendance would be down, we only had Cherry on sales, and we did as well as the year before with 3 sellers and beautiful weather.

As usual, our home base for the weekend was Murphy's Pub on 22nd between Strand and Mechanic streets.  The second highlight of the weekend was their pizza, which we consumed en mass.  The pub has rebuilt the sidewalk in front of the pub and built a cover that extends to the street, allowing for outside tables and covered performance in case of rain.  Fortunately, rain was not an issue, holding off until the festival ended on Sunday.  The rooms provided by the festival were wonderful and greatly appreciated.  

It's always great seeing our Texas friends at Dickens on the Strand and we definitely hope to be there again next year.  
Keep watching the website for our upcoming shows.  Currently the next show is at the Firelake Grand Casino from 7:00-10:00 in Shawnee, OK for St. Patrick's Day.  Looking forward to seeing our Oklahoma friends there.   

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