Friday, November 22, 2013

New Rogues Album - Hellbound Sleigh - Available in December

Hellbound Sleigh, the 10th and newest album by The Rogues, will be available in CD format in a few days beginning the first week of December.  The downloadable format is available NOW.  
After a much-anticipated wait, the final product delivers the quality expected from a Rogues album, as well as being the most creative CD to date.  To quote Randy Wothke, the founder of the group, "I didn't want an album like some other bagpipe Christmas CDs I've heard that were just a bagpipe playing Christmas tunes - and some of the tunes didn't really even work on the bagpipe.  I always wanted something more sophisticated with interesting arrangements."  If you liked the Mannheim Steamroller Christmas albums then you will want to listen to this.

First expected to be out in August and then in October, there were delays involving recording in different states, and while people were on tour, which makes logistics harder to iron out.  After that is the mixing process, and then mastering, which takes a while as well.  And during the recording/mixing process, the artwork and graphics for the album are being created.  Todd Shearer did a fantastic job with the cover art and graphics layout for the CD.  

The band talked for years about recording a Christmas album, and now it is finally here.  If you'd like to order yours in time for Christmas just go to

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  1. Listening to it now--my new favorite Christmas album!