Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Rogues Have Started A Kickstarter Project

In order to get the 10th CD, Hellbound Sleigh, up and out in time for availability at MDRF (and to keep Randy from going into debt to his eyeballs) The Rogues have decided to start a Kickstarter Project to attempt to raise the funds to cover not only what has been spent on recording, but also what needs to be spent going forward on mixing, printing and paying musicians, artists ect.

A goal of $11,000 has been set to cover the above mentioned costs and also a stretch goal of $14,000 which, if met, will mean that all contributors will be invited to join The Rogues at a CD release party with entertainment and beverages provided by the band.

The Kickstarter Project is a short one, with only 19 days to go to meet their goal!

Give enough and you'll receive a thank you in the new album, too, in addition to all the other great rewards.  Whether you only pre-order the album or can contribute more, every bit helps. And don't forget, you receive the reward for your pledge level and all the rewards for less than your pledge (with the exception of limited quantity items), so don't miss your chance to help us complete this historic 10th album, Hellbound Sleigh.  Thanks for your continued support of The Rogues.

Click here to check out this exciting project.

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  1. Saw the "bad boys of Texas" this weekend at the MD Renn Fest. As good as ever and even better!! Really enjoyed your shows and seeing Jimmy, Bryan & Randy again. Haven't met your new Lad yet. Missed seeing Lars for sure. Have bought the new CD and can't wait to hear it. Probably will buy another one for Chelsey (since she'd throttle us if we didn't)for Christmas. Look forward to seeing you again at the end of the Festival. Hopefully Denise will be able to make it. We would love to spend some time with her too.