Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Maryland Renaissance Festival

Just a reminder that we will be out at the Maryland Renaissance Festival this weekend for opening weekend and next weekend for Labor Day weekend (which is a 3 day faire weekend that also includes Monday!). We hope see all of our friends out there dancing! Here's our schedule of shows for the weekends:
8/24 - 9/2 11am Fortune Stage
8/24 - 9/2 1pm Fortune Stage
8/24 - 9/2 2:30 Fortune Stage
8/24 - 9/2 4:30 Fortune Stage
8/24 - 9/2 6:15 Boars Head
 Don't forget we'll be pre-selling the new album Hellbound Sleigh and Rogues Tartan Kilts along with the usual lineup of CDs and our new t-shirts! We'll also be selling leather celtic heart knot pins to raise funds for the Ingrid Wendt Healing Fund. Be sure to find one of our sellers and ask about any of the above items.


  1. "You want to hear another bagpipe song? Then buy a CD!"

    I'm floored...still floored...even though it's late Monday night and I saw you at 2:30pm Sunday. PHENOMENAL! Loved every second of it. It was so energetic and so fun! I wish the show had been longer but tis the way they schedule the acts. Literally, in LOVE with this group now. Thank you SO much for being there this weekend to entertain us faire folk. Sunday was miserably hot but you definitely made the day so much better. Hope to see you perform again!!!

  2. Sarah, thank you so much. We hope you'll come out again to see us at MDRF October 19 & 20. We'll also be performing at a benefit concert at the American Legion Hall on the evening of October 19th to help raise funds for the Ingrid Wendt Healing Fund.