Saturday, July 20, 2013

Annapolis Irish Festival Recap

The Rogues were extremely well-received in their second appearance at the Annapolis Irish Festival.

The band performed Friday night on the Fado Stage and Saturday on the Shamrock stage and the  Galway Bay Pavilion Stage.  Rain kept the crowds light on Friday, but Saturday was jam packed and The Rogues performed in front of an enthusiastic crowd.

Stacy Lute, helped out in each show with her amazing belly dancing.  The band was also joined by the Culkin School of Irish Dance on the Main Stage and the Teelin School of Irish Dance on the Galway Bay Pavilion Stage.  Thanks to them for their amazing step dancing.

The Rogues were fortunate to have Kyle Grasty filling in for Lars Sloan who couldn't make it due to a new full-time job.  It was his first time to play with the band and he did a great job.  He may be joining us at the Maryland Renaissance Festival which is coming up fast starting on August 24th.

Thanks also to The Annapolis Irish Festival for putting on a great show.  It's an incredible amount of work, and they are doing a great job.

Kudos to Cherry and Pam for setting up and manning the sales tables and all of our friends for coming out and supporting the band.  We hope to be at the AIF again next year.  If you'd like to see us there please let the festival know at

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