Saturday, June 29, 2013

Piping and Drumming Up Funds - Write Up

Bryan Blaylock, Lars Sloan, Doug Frobese, Randy Wothke
The Rogues rocked McGonigel's Mucky Duck on June 22nd to raise money for the Oklahoma tornado victims.  Joined by another Houston favorite, The Jig is Up, they raised $1047.00 (UPDATE - total is now $1097.00 thanks to an online donation) for the tornado victims in three hours.

This was The Rogues' first performance at The Duck for a few years, and look for more performances to come.  This was the band's first fundraiser for the year, besides their ongoing effort for the Air Force Aid Society from sales of the DVD from their show with the Air Force Symphony Orchestra, and the next fundraiser will be for a friend on October 19th in Crownsville, MD when the band is performing at the Maryland Renaissance Festival.  Stay tuned for more details!

Missy and Cherry hanging with the raffle items. Photo by Ros Shepherd.
The band would like to thank McGonigel's Mucky Duck for donating the space, Doug Frobese for filling in for Jimmy, our volunteers Missy Best, Harold Best, Cherry and especially Ros Shepherd for collecting most of the raffle items. Special thanks to Joe Taylor for his generous donation that put us over the $1000 mark and the Red Lion Pub for donating a gift card to raffle.  It was a wonderful effort by all and a very enjoyable event.  All the funds raised will be given to the Red Cross to distribute to the tornado victims. 
Bryan Blaylock, Doug Frobese, Lars Sloan, Randy Wothke

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