Friday, March 22, 2013

Shirts Now Available For Order

RogueRat Shirts sized from 2 - 12 (click to enlarge)

Ladies Shirts sized up to a 3XL (click to enlarge)

Men's shirts sized up to a 5XL (click to enlarge)

We have a new page under our shopping header. T-shirts are now available for pre-order. We're offering shirt cuts for both men and women but feel free to purchase whatever fits you better. We've also brought back the RogueRat shirts! Shirts are only $20 each plus shipping. If you are ordering more than 4 shirts please contact us for a shipping cost. PayPlay is our preferred payment option but you can also order by mail. All details are on the shirt page here. Pre-ordering is the best way to guarantee you get the size you want. Though we will be carrying these shirts at all of our shows we may not stock all sizes available.

As always, thank you for supporting The Rogues!

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