Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Rogues Official Tartan

There is now an official tartan for The Rogues!! 

It's in the Scottish Register of Tartans as "The Rogues (United States)." The price is $435 per kilt (shipped to the US) for a regular kilt in 16 ounce wool. If you are interested in purchasing a kilt please email Randy Wothke at for sizing form or of you are ordering from outside of the US. We are currently ordering for our third run. We are required to have a collective order of 96 meters (16 kilts or kilts plus fabric equal to 96 meters) before House of Edgar will weave the wool. Payment is due at the time of ordering.


  1. Awesome!!! About time.... :)
    ~~~Maevey xo

  2. I will most definitely need to save up for this, since my savings was used during the 2 months of unemployment (I just got a new position!!!0