Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bryan Blaylock Ties the Knot

Randy Wothke, John Imes, Bryan Blaylock, Heather Blaylock, Daniel Dossey, Jimmy Mitchell (Photo by Denise Mitchell)
Cherry and I recently returned from Bryan and Heather Blaylock's wedding on December 29th in Sulphur Springs, TX.  What a hoot!  Saw lots of friends there and had a great time.  Lyn and Heather Bell even travelled all the way from Baltimore, MD to be there.   Heather and Bryan made their entrances for the wedding on horseback, riding beautiful black Friesian horses that they breed at their own Wind Dancer Ranch in Cooper, TX.  Pipers John Imes and Jimmy Mitchell did a great job piping in the bride and groom.  Bryan and Heather exchanged vows that brought tears to everyone's eyes, then we were treated to a great dinner and reception.  There was an awesome jam session with Jimmy Mitchell, John Imes, Bryan Blaylock, Daniel Dossey and myself with everyone dancing along.  Lars Sloan was missed due to a family crisis.  It was so great seeing all our friends there.  The Rogues wish Bryan and Heather the best in their marriage and are glad we could be a part of it.

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