Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Rogues Classic Line-up Debuts at Dickens on the Strand

The Rogues just finished a great weekend at Dickens on the Strand in Galveston, TX.  Thanks to all of our friends who came out to say hello and give us a great welcome for our first reunion show in Texas.  It was wonderful seeing familiar faces and making new friends.  Thanks to the Galveston Historical Foundation and Murphy's Pub for making us feel welcome.  By the way, the pizza at Murphy's Pub is amazing if anyone finds themselves in Galveston.  The weather was gorgeous and Cherry and I were grateful to be arriving in Texas when we did, escaping most of the cold up north.

The Rogues had 4 stage shows throughout the weekend, many lane shows in front of Murphy's and did a couple shows inside the pub for festive crowds.  To add to an already great weekend, the Texans beat the Titans on Sunday!  We got to catch a little of the game in the pub.  

The Rogues were joined by Doug Frobese on pipes. Doug did an awesome job.  I ran into former Scottish drumming student Chris Bordelon, and he posted a great video of our Gravel Walk set at the Crystal Palace stage.

Thanks to Cherry, Heather and Missy for handling sales for us and doing an awesome job.  Fun was had by all and this was the most enjoyable show we've done in a long time.  Looking forward to more gigs to come!

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  1. If we had know you were there, we would have went! My (now) wife and I first saw y'all at Scarborough back in late 90s.