Saturday, December 22, 2012

Facebook Break Down

We now have three separate pages on Facebook for connecting to everyone..

Our new "page" is primarily for people to "like" - when you click like on this page it will show up in your favorites under the music section. Groups don't have this feature, The page is primarily for promotional purposes. It allows us to reach audiences who may like a band similar to ours and find us through that commonality. The page also allows prospective venues to get quick information about us.

The main group is the gathering place for all things ROGUES related. We welcome all fans and prospective venues here for discussion and photo/ video sharing.

The Clan Rogue group is for our die-hard fans. It will be used to form our street team. Clan Rogue will be privy to special offers, discounts, breaking news, contests, games, polls and more. Clan Rogue will also be offered promotional items that the other groups will not. We have some fun fan-interactive plans in the making. THE ROGUES have always been known for their sense of humor, approachability and for making fans feel like part of our family.

So there you have it - a full explanation of all of our various Facebook activities. We hope to see you soon!

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