Monday, November 21, 2016

Hellbound Sleigh is on Sale!

Click here and pick up Hellbound Sleigh for $15 (+shipping) through January 2nd. You can also buy copies directly from the band at the discounted price during Dickens on the Strand.

The Rogues Returning to Dickens on the Strand

The band is looking forward to appearing at Dickens on the Strand once again in Galveston, TX on December 3-4.  Jimmy and Doug on pipes and Bryan and Randy on drums with some piping help from Richard Kean on Sunday.  
See the band at one of the stage shows listed below, or in front of Murphy's Pub on 22nd St. for street performances, or join us for a beer and good food inside Murphy's when we're not performing.  Wear a period appropriate costume and save money on your admission.  With the character of the Strand area of Galveston and the amazing costumes and the entertainment it's a great festival to attend. 

Also of note, for the holiday season we are discounting our Christmas album, Hellbound Sleigh, to $15 both online and in person. They make terrific stocking stuffers!

Saturday, December 3rd:
Leister Square – 12:30-12:50pm
Leister Square – 4:00-4:20pm
Westminster Abbey – 5:30-5:50pm
Sunday, December 4th:
Windsor Castle – 12:00-12:20pm
Crystal Palace – 2:30-2:50pm

Monday, October 17, 2016

Connecticut Renaissance Festival Fall Show

Next on the schedule for The Rogues is October 29-30 at the Connecticut Renaissance Festival Fall Show. This will be our second time to appear at the fall faire. We've also enjoyed a couple of previous appearances at the Connecticut Renaissance Festival Spring show. 

Located in North Haven, CT it's close enough for our MD/DC/VA/PA friends to get to. Tickets for adults are only $15.  

Just prior to 6:00 pm on Saturday the 29th, the festival begins to transition into a haunted village filled with photo-happy zombies, costume contests for kids and adults, safe trick or treat, jack o’ lanterns, moonlight shopping, mulled cider, pumpkin pie, zombie dance, zombie archery range, and it all wraps up with the main event – a haunted joust to the death.  And all this is included in the normal priced admission.  Come spend your Halloween with The Rogues and get great music and your Halloween party in one stop!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Rogues Rock Colorado

The Rogues were honored to be selected as one of the bands featured at the 40th Long's Peak Scottish Irish Festival in beautiful Estes Park, Colorado.
Mark Sullivan, Jimmy Mitchell, Randy Wothke, Doug Frobese Photo by Janice Sullivan

Photo by Pam Hoskins
From September 9-11 The Rogues shared the Rock Tent with Celtic favorites Albannach and Enter the Haggis.  We've known and worked with both groups for years and it's always great to share a stage with friends.

The line-up for the band featured Jimmy and Doug on pipes and Mark and Randy on percussion. Cherry handled the sales table and thanks to Pam Hoskins for braving days on the road with us to take pictures and video.  If you've never been to Estes Park - it's gorgeous!  The festival is huge and featured an Irish dancing Feis and even full contact jousting.  We were lucky to be joined by some of the Irish dancers on Sunday in both our shows and that doubled the energy.
Photo by Pam Hoskins
Photo by Pam Hoskins
Photo by Pam Hoskins
Photo by Pam Hoskins
 Photos from the evening concert:
Photo by Pam Hoskins
Photo by Pam Hoskins
Photo by Pam Hoskins
On a humorous note, as is typical, it's not a Rogues trip unless something goes wrong mechanically. While stopped at a rest stop in Kansas, Randy walked to the back of the van and noticed the entire left rear reflector had blown off somewhere during the night.  The next stop was a Dodge dealer in Denver before arriving in Estes Park.  And then there was the AC leaking inside the van, but that also has been resolved without much trouble.  All in all it was a great trip and we got to perform for a brand new audience and add to the extended Rogues family.  Thanks to Peggy Young and her family for having us at their very special event and we hope to be back in the future.  For more information about the Long's Peak Scottish Irish Festival visit